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Swim with Sperm Whales of Dominica 2024

Swim with Sperm Whales of Dominica 2024

Swim with Orca & Mobula Rays -  Baja Blue Water Expedition 2024

Swim with Orca & Mobula Rays – Baja Blue Water Expedition 2024

Humpback Swims 2024

Humpback Swims 2024

We are a USA-based travel agency that offers top-notch tours
to divers and snorkelers around the world.

SDL Expeditions have years of experience in dive travel. We have travelled around the world creating stories, videos and dazzling photo galleries for our website Scuba Diver Life, and have experienced, first hand, some of the very best scuba diving and ocean adventures.

SDL Expeditions features our all-time favourites and invite other divers and snorkelers from around the world to join us for life changing encounters with some of nature’s most amazing oceanic events and locations.


What Makes Us Excellent

We have three goals in mind, your safety, your comfort and making your expedition the most memorable experience of your life.

Small groups

We keep our groups small.  We make sure that you are comfortable on the boat and that you spend more time with encounters.

Great operators

We ensure that we have the best crew who have years of experience.

Excellent Accommodation

We book our accommodations years in advance, to ensure our guests have some of the best options available for their stay.

Your Tour Organizer: Nadia Aly

“I want to show you the extraordinary animals that call our oceans home…” – Nadia Aly

Nadia Aly is a wildlife photographer who specializes in underwater photography. She holds a Masters in Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver BC and has had her work featured on National Geographic, Sony World Photo, Underwater Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best Photography.

She is also the owner of – an online news portal for scuba diving & ocean conservation enthusiasts,