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    Whales of Indonesia 2021

    Whales of Indonesia

    Dive into the world of whales and dolphins together on this exclusive private charter!


    Join me on this special cruise to discover numerous whale and cetacean species off Raja Ampat, Indonesia. I have made this tour exclusive for only 7 guests, where we will spend the entire time looking for whales, the chances are very good at this time of year, Orcas are regularly spotted year after year.

    This special cruise offers guests a glimpse into the world of the largest mammals on earth. Learn incredible details from a qualified expert on whales and dolphins and watch them with your own eyes!

    For example, did you know why the family of whales & dolphin are called Cetaceans? Ceta comes from ancient Greek and today means whale. In the past this term was used for large sea animals, or even sea monsters. This explains some of the sailor stories about sea monsters. Cetaceans are also the only air breathing animals that can spend 7-30 minutes under water on one breath without surfacing, just incredible! On this tour you will learn much more about these unique creatures!

    The tour departs from Sorong and heads towards Waigeo before it leads to Batanta. As dolphins and whales are the focus of this cruise the itinerary is laid out to maximize the encounters. From experience we know that most whales are sighted in the Dampier Straight near Batanta. Because it often has strong currents you cannot only see Cetaceans. Manta rays are also frequent visitors.

    At the beginning of the journey Heike Vester will present a special briefing to inform the guests about the process. When animals are sighted, Heike will give us detailed information about the species and the occurrence, its routines and hunting behavior. Morning until noon will be planned for whales and dolphin tracking and monitoring.  With a little luck you can snorkel with the animals (Heike decides if it is suitable). Guests of the first ever tour in March 2011 enjoyed an incredible snorkeling experience with orcas.

    With a little bit of luck the whales and dolphins can be observed and escorted at close range. During prior tours the following species were located: Blue whale, Bryde’s whale, Sperm whale, Pygmy sperm whale, Killer whale (also known as Orca), False killer whale, Pygmy killer whale, Short-finned pilot whale, Risso’s dolphin, Long-beaked spinner dolphin, Dwarf spinner dolphin, Pantropical spottet dolphin, Indo-pacific Bottlenose dolphin, Common Bottlenose dolphin, Fraser’s dolphin and Dugong. As we deal with wild animals sightings cannot be guaranteed. The chances are very good to be able to observe different species of whales and extremely rare species of dolphins.

    Feb 22-March 5, 2021

    7 Spaces Left

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    Key Information:

    What's included?
      • Transfers from and return the airport to the MV Pindito
      • Accommodation in a double bed or twin bed cabin with en-suite shower bath, toilet and AC
      • Full board including all drinks on board (excluding wine)
      • Multilingual guides on board
      • All offered land excursions


    What's not included?
    • Fuel surcharges and harbour fees (please check the services under availability)
    • NITROX course (on request available)
    • Souvenirs onboard
    • Crew gratuities
    • Domestic airport-taxes and departure taxes
    • Trip insurance (see below)
    • Massage (if available)
    • Marine Park Fees

    Februrary 22 - Board Pindito

    February 23 - March 4 - 10 days looking and swimming with whales

    March 5 - Disembark Pindito 


    Where is Sorong, Indonesia ?

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