striped marlin expedition

Hidden deep in the heart of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula lies a magical place, an incredible spot tucked away on the Pacific Ocean, far away from all the hustle and bustle of the tourist resorts and big cities in the south. Imagine a bay filled with such abundant life that it has become an inside secret for pro photographers and National Geographic explorers. Here, one of the world’s few gray whale populations spends the winter.

Picture a beautiful bay surrounded by small, mountainous islands. Visitors may see makos, blue sharks, sailfish, dolphins, sea lions, whales, thousands of sea birds and so much more. This is Bahia Magdalena. And it gets even better — every autumn, giant baitballs congregate miles off shore from the bay, creating one of the planet’s most amazing spectacles and well-kept secrets: the striped marlin migration. These spectacular fish, some of the fastest and spriest in the ocean, work together to push baitballs to the surface before shooting into them to hunt. Imagine being in the water with more than 30 striped marlin around you at once, accepting you into their community as they work together with sea lions, whales, and others to hunt the baitballs. This is Baja California’s secret sardine run.

See what it’s like

Want to know what it’s like? Take a look at this video, which showcases some of the action pact fun from the 2019 season! Clear blue water, tons of animals, what else can one ask for? Labeled the “Mexican Sardine Run”, this event is not to be missed!

4900 USD

Prices and Dates

Join me in Baja, Mexico for some action packed ocean fun! Group Max is 4 clients, plus Nadia and dive guide.

Group 1

November 7-14, 2020

4 Spaces Left

Per Person Cost, From

$4900 (Single Occupancy)

4900 USD


Group 2

November 21- 28, 2020

3 Spaces Left

Per Person Cost, From

$4900 (Single Occupancy)

4900 USD


Important Information

Hotel Villas Mar y Arena is a Beachfront Hotel with cozy cabin style rooms, nice thematic decoration and a terrace overlooking the bay. They have double and single bed, some rooms also have cable TV, and large bathroom with hot water. The establishment serves Restaurant specializing in seafood season, besides poultry and meat. During the winter season The Hotel offers guided whale watching tours and other eco-tourist activities in the beautiful area of ​​mangroves and dunes of Isla Magdalena.

What’s Included?

  • 7 nights accomodation
  • 6 sea days
  • Skilled crew
  • Breakfast
  • Packed Lunch
  • Marine Park Fees
  • Pricing based on Single Occupancy (private room)

What’s Not Included

  • Alcohol
  • Food outside expedition days breakfast & packed lunches
  • Dive insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Transport
  • Flights
  • Gratuity
  • Snorkel gear (can be rented)

Physical Requirements

For this ship-based trip, a relatively moderate level of exertion is required. You will need to be able to climb up the ladder of the snorkeling boat. This is an active expedition that requires mobility and good health.

While seas are generally calm on this expedition, it’s possible that we could encounter rough conditions which may cause issues for travelers prone to motion sickness. Please consult your physician about medications that control motion sickness.

Your Tour Organizer: Nadia Aly

“I want to show you the extraordinary animals that call our oceans home…” – Nadia Aly

Nadia Aly is a wildlife photographer who specializes in underwater photography. She holds a Masters in Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver BC and has had her work featured on National Geographic, Sony World Photo, Underwater Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best Photography.

She is also the owner of – an online news portal for scuba diving & ocean conservation enthusiasts,